Jordan User Community Building event Qatar.

    Jordan User Community Building event for future users from Qatar. 17-18 November 2020, hosted by The Cyprus Institute.




    BEATS and the phase 1 beamlines of SESAME, by Andrea Lausi



    The BEATS tomography beamline project: structure and spirit, by Axel Kaprolat



    BEATS tomography beamline: design, construction, operation and possibilities, by Gianluca Iori


    SR-microCT at BEATS tomography beamline: science applications and how you can become a future user.



    BEATS Qatar event DAY 1 20201117 0714 1


    BEATS Qatar event DAY 2 20201118 0700 1



    03 Updates from BEATS A Kaprolat




    04 BEATS in the context of SESAME A Lausi


    05 Beamline construction and future operation G Iori



    06 SR based microtomography at BEATS A Rack



    07 Science Applications SXCT K Lorentz



    09 Data analysis and management Ch Chrysostomou



    10 SXCT for geo environmental applications R Al Raoush


    11 Tutorial How to apply for beamtime at SESAME A Lausi


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